Houston Halloween Events

Group dressed up in Halloween costumes

Don't go this Halloween without attending one of Houston's Halloween events! With plenty of options to choose from you are sure to find one that is perfect for you and your friends. Houston Halloween PubCrawl There are four dates to choose from … [Continue reading...]

Find a Houston Halloween Event for Fun and Spooks!

Woman dressed as zombie

If you are looking for a Houston Halloween event you will not have to look far. The closer to Halloween we get, the more events that are popping up. You can decide to participate in large events, such as the Houston Zombie Walk, or simply find a bar … [Continue reading...]

Find Halloween Decorations in Houston

Halloween decorations in front yard

Decorating your home for Halloween is something many people in Houston take very seriously. With plenty of stores in the area, you will be able to find what you are looking for to transform your home. Some decorations will be able to last for several … [Continue reading...]

Easy Vampire Costumes for Women in Houston, TX

woman dressed as a vampire

One popular Halloween costume that woman want to dress up as in Houston is a vampire. You can be as theatrical as you want since there are many stores that offer pre-made vampire Halloween costumes, or you can gather things on your own for a more … [Continue reading...]

How to Find Houston Halloween Events for Kids

kids dressed up in costumes for trick-or-treating

Houston Halloween for kids events are easy to find. In fact, it may be harder trying to decide which events you can go to and what you will have to miss out on until next year. If you want your kids to do more than go trick or treating around the … [Continue reading...]

Houston Halloween Events

Haunted Places in Houston, TX

Halloween in Houston comes with a lot of fun things to do for the whole family, including your furry pet friends. While some of events occur on Halloween, many are recurring activities so you can easily fit a time into your schedule so your kids will … [Continue reading...]

Haunted Places in Houston, TX

Haunted Places in Houston, TX

Houston, one of the most haunted places in Texas, constantly experiences illogical occurrences from flying objects to ghost sitings. You may decide to visit some of these places on your own to see what you can find, or opt to go on a Houston ghost … [Continue reading...]

The Most Haunted Places in Texas

Texas Flag

Looking for a scare? There are plenty of haunted places in Texas to choose from. You can find one close to you to visit tonight, or plan for a future visit in a different city. Whatever the case, odds are you will pick up on a spooky vibe in one of … [Continue reading...]