Haunted Houses in Dallas

man in chainsaw halloween costume

Going to a haunted house in Dallas is sure to make you get ┬áin the mood of Halloween as you get scared to death. They're even better when you get a group of friends to come along since that's how you really see what people are made out of. With … [Continue reading...]

Visit a Haunted House in McAllen

dark haunted house with moonlight

Looking for a good scare is something many people in McAllen do around Halloween. One of the best ways to get that scare is to visit a haunted house. You never know what monsters will be creeping up on you around the corner. Fortunately, there is a … [Continue reading...]

Haunted Houses in McKinney

man trying to get out of window at haunted house

Halloween is a great time to get your adrenaline pumping by visiting a haunted house in McKinney. There are a variety to choose from in nearby cities. Each of them has a variety of attractions so you will always be wondering when and where the next … [Continue reading...]

Find a Haunted House in Mesquite

haunted house in fog

If you want to do something a little different this Halloween┬áin Mesquite, consider going to a haunted house. Each one you go to will be different in its own way to always keep you looking over your shoulder. There are several haunted houses in … [Continue reading...]

The Best Haunted Houses in Amarillo

Castle at night with lights shining out windows

Amarillo is a great place to go if you are looking for haunted houses this Halloween. You can visit just one haunted house and still have multiple spooky attractions to choose from, or visit them all for a real haunting experience! If you are a big … [Continue reading...]

Spooky Haunted Houses in Garland

masked man in doorway of abandoned house

If you are looking for a haunted house in Garland, you may have to travel the small distance to surrounding cities, such as Dallas or Arlington. Fortunately, you have some great options when it comes to finding a place that will truly spook you. Many … [Continue reading...]

Corpus Christi Haunted Houses

haunted house at night

If you are trying to find a haunted house in Corpus Christi this Halloween, you will not have to look hard. If you want to get in the spirit of Halloween, you can simply grab a handful of friends and head over to a haunted house. These are perfect … [Continue reading...]

Haunted Houses in Forth Worth

Haunted house at night

Visiting a haunted house is one of the best ways to get into the spirit of Halloween in Fort Worth. Going with a group of friends will make the experience that much more enjoyable as you are chased by ghosts, masked men with chainsaws, and other … [Continue reading...]