Find El Paso TX Halloween Parties

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Need to find El Paso TX Halloween parties? Fortunately you have several different to choose from, in addition to any parties your personal friends may be throwing themselves. Now that Halloween is fast approaching, new events seem to be popping up … [Continue reading...]

El Paso Halloween Decorations

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Halloween will be here before you know it. Is your El Paso home decorated? If not, you need to get busy and see what stores are offering this year or what supplies you need to transform your house by making your own Halloween decorations. Rather than … [Continue reading...]

Ghost Hunting in El Paso, TX

Haunted Places in El Paso TX

El Paso, located on the border with Mexico in West Texas, has numerous haunted places you can check out. Considering the history you can find in this town, it should be no surprise the type of ghosts you may find lurking around. Fire Station #9 It … [Continue reading...]

The Most Haunted Places in Texas

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Looking for a scare? There are plenty of haunted places in Texas to choose from. You can find one close to you to visit tonight, or plan for a future visit in a different city. Whatever the case, odds are you will pick up on a spooky vibe in one of … [Continue reading...]