The Best Texas Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses during Halloween in TX are extremely popular. Our site features the most popular haunted house attractions from all over the state including the big cities to small "ghost" towns. Browse our selection and recommendations and let us know if you have your own haunted house or know of one we don't have listed. Haunted Houses Ya'll!

Find a Haunted House in Mesquite

haunted house in fog

If you want to do something a little different this Halloween in Mesquite, consider going to a haunted house. Each one you go to will be different in its own way to always keep you looking over your shoulder. There are several haunted houses in … [Continue reading...]

Experience a Fright at a Haunted House in Pasadena

Creepy haunted house at night with moon

For a unique Halloween experience you have to try a haunted house near Pasadena. Being located near Houston, you will have several to choose from, giving you the option of choosing the attractions you are most interested in. With so many other … [Continue reading...]

Grand Prairie Haunted Houses

Ghost in dark hallway

If you enjoy a good scare around Halloween in Grand Prairie, odds are you want to find a good haunted house. There are several in surrounding cities that you can choose from. Perhaps you decide to only visit one or you would rather go to as many as … [Continue reading...]

The Best Haunted Houses in Amarillo

Castle at night with lights shining out windows

Amarillo is a great place to go if you are looking for haunted houses this Halloween. You can visit just one haunted house and still have multiple spooky attractions to choose from, or visit them all for a real haunting experience! If you are a big … [Continue reading...]

Have a Scare at a Haunted House in Irving

haunted house with halloween ghosts

If you are looking for a scare this Halloween in Irving, consider going to a haunted house. They change their attractions most years so you will never know what will be creeping up at you this Halloween. One major advantage to this area is that you … [Continue reading...]

Spooky Haunted Houses in Garland

masked man in doorway of abandoned house

If you are looking for a haunted house in Garland, you may have to travel the small distance to surrounding cities, such as Dallas or Arlington. Fortunately, you have some great options when it comes to finding a place that will truly spook you. Many … [Continue reading...]

Spooky Haunted Houses in Lubbock

Haunted house sign on tree

Ready for a Halloween in Lubbock? Haunted houses will help get you in the spirit by giving you a great scare and there are some spooky haunted houses right in Lubbock. As Halloween nears, you can get a group of friends together to see who in the … [Continue reading...]

Finding Haunted Houses in Plano

Haunted house

Looking for an experience you will never forget this Halloween in Plano? Going to a haunted house will be right up your alley. Bring a group of friends with you to see who is the bravest and who cowers in the corner at the slightest little noise. One … [Continue reading...]