Fun "Did You Know" tips about Halloween in TX.

Halloween in Texas is a fun and exciting time. We have articles about the history of Halloween, ghost stories and other great info specific to Texas.

Party Responsibly This Halloween

Designated Driver DWI Safety

It’s almost here…the day that more and more people are designating as their Favorite Holiday. Halloween is FUN—for adults as well as kids. It’s a special day that is free from the sentimentality of a lot of other holidays. We don’t need to worry … [Continue reading...]

Ghost Hunting in San Antonio, TX

Riverwalk in San Antonio at night

San Antonio is one of the most haunted cities in Texas and the United States. One of the main reasons for this is because of the events that happened at The Alamo. A visit to San Antonio, TX is already interesting enough with The Alamo and Riverwalk, … [Continue reading...]

Ghosts in San Angelo, TX

halloween decorations in front yard

You may be planning a visit to San Angelo, one of the most haunted areas in Texas, or you may decide to go there after hearing some of the ghost stories that are based out of this Texas town. Visiting a school, hotel, or going shopping may all have … [Continue reading...]

Spirits in Laredo, TX

skeleton ghost and spider web in front yard

If you are looking for haunted places in Texas, you need to stop in Laredo to see what you can find. From ghosts to the inexplicable, you are sure to get a good story after a visit in Laredo, TX. Alma Pierce Elementary When it comes to ghost … [Continue reading...]

Haunted Places in Houston, TX

Haunted Places in Houston, TX

Houston, one of the most haunted places in Texas, constantly experiences illogical occurrences from flying objects to ghost sitings. You may decide to visit some of these places on your own to see what you can find, or opt to go on a Houston ghost … [Continue reading...]

Ghost Hunting in El Paso, TX

Haunted Places in El Paso TX

El Paso, located on the border with Mexico in West Texas, has numerous haunted places you can check out. Considering the history you can find in this town, it should be no surprise the type of ghosts you may find lurking around. Fire Station #9 It … [Continue reading...]

History of Halloween

The History of Halloween

Halloween, a holiday that is celebrated on October 31st, that is a shortened version of All Hallow’s Evening. It is also called All Hallow’s Eve and Hallowe’en. You will see children trick or treating on this night, as well as attend festivals … [Continue reading...]