Texas Halloween Costume Ideas, tips, and more

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Find Halloween Smurf Outfits


Smurf outfits from The Smurfs 2 are hot Halloween costumes this year. One great thing about Smurf outfits is that they are easy to find and put together on the night of your Halloween party or event. Since they are hot costumes this year, make sure … [Continue reading...]

Dress Up Like a GI Joe this Halloween

Women dressed in Army gear

GI Joe: Retaliation was a hit movie this year, meaning there are new hot Halloween costumes that will let you dress up like a GI Joe. Fortunately, plenty of Halloween stores will be selling GI Joe costumes so you are sure to find something you want … [Continue reading...]

Hot Wolverine Accessories

Man dressed up with Wolverine accessories

If you need a Wolverine accessory then you are in luck. Wolverine accessories and costumes are hot this Halloween, meaning they can be found both online and in Halloween stores across Texas. With Halloween in just a few short days, you need to start … [Continue reading...]

Awesome Star Trek Into Darkness Costumes

Girls dressed up as Star Trek characters

Looking for Star Trek Into Darkness costumes? Fortunately, they are hot Halloween costumes this year so you will not have to look far but if you don't buy them soon you may find that they are out of stock. Look both online and in Halloween stores to … [Continue reading...]

What to Do if You Need a Costume Last Minute

Zombie holding clock

If you need a costume last minute, you need to get your creative juices flowing. Fortunately, it doesn't take a lot to put together a Halloween costume that will get people talking at your Halloween party or event. The first thing you can always … [Continue reading...]

Claim Your Halloween Costume Discounts Here!

Halloween Costume discounts

Texas Halloween is a little different than Halloween in most other states, especially if you live in the Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, or Laredo. That's because the mentality here in Texas is "Go Big or Go Home." If you're one of the 170 million … [Continue reading...]

Texas Sized Halloween Discounts


Happy Halloween Ya'll! Here at Texas Halloween, we LOVE Texas and we LOVE Halloween and we're here to share that Halloween love with ya'll! So we are here to give you everything you need to have a seriously freaky awesome Texas Halloween from custom … [Continue reading...]

Halloween Costumes for Oz the Great and Powerful

Woman dressed as wicked witch

Oz the Great and Powerful showed us how the Wizard and Wicked Witch of the West came to be. It is no surprise that Oz the Great and Powerful Halloween costumes are a hot commodity this year with plenty of characters to choose from. You don't want … [Continue reading...]