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Haunted Houses in Dallas

man in chainsaw halloween costume

Going to a haunted house in Dallas is sure to make you get  in the mood of Halloween as you get scared to death. They're even better when you get a group of friends to come along since that's how you really see what people are made out of. With … [Continue reading...]

How to Stay Safe this Halloween in Austin, TX

kids dressed up for Halloween in front of house

For many, Halloween is one of the best days of the year. With plenty of events to attend and the perfect weather, families are always looking for something to do. While it's always a good idea to have fun, you still want to make sure your family is … [Continue reading...]

Houston Halloween Events

Group dressed up in Halloween costumes

Don't go this Halloween without attending one of Houston's Halloween events! With plenty of options to choose from you are sure to find one that is perfect for you and your friends. Houston Halloween PubCrawl There are four dates to choose from … [Continue reading...]

San Antonio Halloween Events

Woman dressed as Zombie

It's the season of ghost, goblins, and zombies in San Antonio! If you have several costumes and can't decide on one, buy all of them since you will have plenty of Halloween events in San Antonio to choose from. If you're looking for a party, you will … [Continue reading...]

2014 Dallas Block Party

woman dressed up in halloween costume

Look for 2015 Street Party info? Head on over to our Dallas Block Party 2015 page. Otherwise, below is the 2014 info (not sure why you want to view it, but nonetheless here it is). 2014 Street Party Info It's that time of year again and that means … [Continue reading...]

Find Halloween Smurf Outfits


Smurf outfits from The Smurfs 2 are hot Halloween costumes this year. One great thing about Smurf outfits is that they are easy to find and put together on the night of your Halloween party or event. Since they are hot costumes this year, make sure … [Continue reading...]

Dress Up Like a GI Joe this Halloween

Women dressed in Army gear

GI Joe: Retaliation was a hit movie this year, meaning there are new hot Halloween costumes that will let you dress up like a GI Joe. Fortunately, plenty of Halloween stores will be selling GI Joe costumes so you are sure to find something you want … [Continue reading...]

Hot Wolverine Accessories

Man dressed up with Wolverine accessories

If you need a Wolverine accessory then you are in luck. Wolverine accessories and costumes are hot this Halloween, meaning they can be found both online and in Halloween stores across Texas. With Halloween in just a few short days, you need to start … [Continue reading...]