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Born and raised in Texas, I've lived, been schooled, and worked in 8 cities across the state. I know a lot about Texas from history, geography, and business, to entertainment. My favorite things in the world are traveling, writing, living healthy and having fun. Follow Jenna on Google +

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Halloween Costume discounts

Texas Halloween is a little different than Halloween in most other states, especially if you live in the Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, or Laredo. That's because the mentality here in Texas is "Go Big or Go Home." If you're one of the 170 million … [Continue reading...]

Texas Sized Halloween Discounts


Happy Halloween Ya'll! Here at Texas Halloween, we LOVE Texas and we LOVE Halloween and we're here to share that Halloween love with ya'll! So we are here to give you everything you need to have a seriously freaky awesome Texas Halloween from custom … [Continue reading...]