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Halloween in Texas

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Halloween in Texas

As in many countries, Halloween is celebrated in TX on October 31st every year, a day which falls approximately in-between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. It originated from the pagan harvest festival of Samhain and the Christian holiday of All Saints’ Day. The name Halloween itself is a contraction of “All Hallows’ Eve.” In this day and age though, it has already lost much of its religious significance. In fact, it has become more of a fun day for children much like Christmas. It is believed that Halloween was introduced to the U.S. by Irish immigrants in the mid-1600s, spreading slowly across the country ever since. Now, it is one of the most famous holidays in America. In Texas, Halloween is celebrated grandly, even overboard by some standards. But what can we say? We like to do everything bigger in Texas!

Through the years, you may have noticed the colors black and orange are associated with Halloween. Maybe this is because typical home or shop decor themes or motifs for the occasion did always included some orange pumpkins and fires as well as some black cats and witches. In any event, while most just buy, there are others who still prefer to make their own home decorations for the holiday.

Decorations, Costumes, and Ghosts

If you are in Texas for Halloween, visit our decorations page to find great articles on homemade decor in your area. If it is costumes you are interested in, we have that too. According to folklore, people long ago wore disguises during their festival of the dead to confuse the ghosts into thinking they were also spirits so they would be left alone. Today, we do it simply because it’s fun to dress up as someone else for at least one day of the year.

Children and Halloween

Halloween of Kids, Be Safe!

Halloween of Kids, Be Safe!

Of course, Halloween’s highlight is when the children finally get to go trick-or-treating. This is when they, in their cute little costumes, are allowed by their parents to knock on other people’s doors and ask for treats, usually candies or small gifts. If they are not given anything, they are also allowed to play a trick or prank on the person who opens the door. Then there is that matter of what types of food or drinks to have around the house on Halloween. For most, it is common to have all sorts of sweets, cookies and other goodies, especially candied or toffee apples and pies and other traditional delicacies made from pumpkin during the day just as they have to have turkey on their table for Thanksgiving.

To cap the celebration, most households and even whole neighborhoods hold Halloween block parties, complete with those well-loved traditional party games like apple bobbing. As with any other celebration, it always pays to also take safety precautions in advance, especially with children. When there are kids involved, you can never be too careful.

Scary Stories and Movies

Scary story telling is another important Halloween tradition that all of us love. With advances in technology, this favorite pastime has been largely taken over by scary movies and television specials. Because movies are shown all over the world, people in other states and countries – with neither historical nor cultural connection to either Samhain or All Saints’ Day – now know all about and celebrate Halloween.

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