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Party Responsibly This Halloween

It’s almost here…the day that more and more people are designating as their Favorite Holiday.

Halloween is FUN—for adults as well as kids. It’s a special day that is free from the sentimentality of a lot of other holidays. We don’t need to worry about sending a card or buying someone a gift. In essence, this holiday is about you, and your chance to escape the humdrum of everyday life by morphing into someone (or something) else for a night and perhaps getting some social time in by attending a lovely orange and black themed get-together.

So, if you head out to a social event this Halloween, and if you choose to consume alcoholic beverages, please remember to take additional care to have a safe and enjoyable time. The following are some tips for partying responsibly.

Prep Beforehand

If you know you’re in for an evening of social drinking, then it’s a good idea to prepare yourself before hand. One thing you can do is to make an extra effort at keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day. One of the major contributors to becoming intoxicated quickly and suffering from a hangover the next day is dehydration. The more water you have in your system the less likely you are to suffer from dehydration.

A second way to prepare is to eat foods with an adequate amount of carbs and protein that will absorb the alcohol. An example of this is meat and potatoes. Also, foods that are high in vitamin B6 are good to consume. These include asparagus, fish, and chickpeas in its many forms (hummus, falafel, or even chickpeas straight from the can). Taking a Vitamin B supplement will also help your liver metabolize the alcohol.

Hang Out with a Group

There are several reasons it’s better to be in the company of at least one other person. You can keep an eye out for one another and remind each other to keep to your limit of alcohol intake. The old adage of there being safety in numbers applies here too. Individuals under the influence can be easier targets for theft and assault. Having someone else with you can provide some extra insurance against being taken advantage of.

Make sure the people in your group are trustworthy. Don’t drink with someone who is:

  • A binge drinker who encourages others to do the same
  • A person with a reputation for taking off when a “better offer” comes along

Don’t Forget the Non-alcoholic Drinks

If you plan on being out for a while, then it’s a good idea to alternate the alcohol with water, or at least some type of non-alcoholic drink such as juice or soda. Alcohol is a diuretic, which causes frequent urination, which in turn leads to dehydration. Dehydration is what leads to the dreaded hangover symptoms such as dizziness and nausea. The more water you consume during your evening out, the more you’ll thank yourself in the morning!

Remember, a BAC (blood alcohol content) of .08 is considered legally drunk in Texas (though this number is considered by many to be on the generous side). How inebriated a person becomes is related more to body weight than to other factors. Two individuals of the same sex and in the same age range will react differently to an equal number and type of alcoholic drinks depending on their weight. This infographic by Dallas DWI lawyer Douglas Wilder does an excellent job of explaining alcohol breakdown.

Don’t Leave Home Without a Plan

You should have a definitive plan in place for how you will reach home before heading out for the evening. Appointing a designated driver before hand is always a good idea. If you choose to go this route, make sure your appointed driver is trustworthy and not likely to go back on his word of abstaining.

Another good plan for arriving home safely is to use public transportation. If a taxi is your choice of transport, then have the company phone number handy so that you know exactly what number to call when you are ready to leave. If a bus is your preferred method of transportation, then familiarize yourself with the bus numbers and routes before heading out.

Some things that you should never do are:

  • Leave home without a plan and hope that one materializes as the evening progresses
  • Get into a car with a stranger
  • Drive home drunk—never, ever drive home drunk

So with these thoughts in mind, we hope you head out for a fun and entertaining time while keeping in mind your safety and the safety of those around you.

Happy Halloween!

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