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What to Do if You Need a Costume Last Minute

If you need a costume last minute, you need to get your creative juices flowing. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot to put together a Halloween costume that will get people talking at your Halloween party or event.

The first thing you can always try is to go to a Halloween store and see what Halloween costumes they still have in stock. Unfortunately, the closer to Halloween you get, the less selection you have. At the very least, you can find costume accessories to tie together the costume you manage to put together. Face paint, masks, wigs, mittens, tails, etc. are just a few accessories you can find that can be used for a wide variety of Halloween costumes.

Tacky Tourist

One easy Halloween costume you can do at the last minute is the tacky tourist Halloween costume. Have an old fanny pack in the back of the closet? If not, a trip to a dollar store may be right up your alley. A fanny pack added to any outfit will transform you into a tacky tourist. Go a step further and have sun glasses, use Halloween paint for a sun burn around your eyes and face, and carry a bottle of water.

Walter White

A fan of Breaking Bad? Walter White makes an easy Halloween costume with a button down shirt, tighty-whities, and a pair of glasses.

Sheet Ghost

Sure, there are awesome ghost costumes available, but not always at the last minute. If you need a costume last minute, get out one of your old bed sheets, cut out a couple of eye holes, and drape over your head. Go for a humorous sheet ghost and put to use your childhood train, Spiderman, or princess sheets your parents have kept in their linen closet.


Halloween is on a Thursday this year, so bring some nostalgia to the Halloween party with your last minute Halloween costume.

  • Grab a fisherman hat, plaid shirt, and glue together some Popsicle sticks to be Wilson from Home Improvement.
  • Use a pink tutu, white t-shirt, and black shoes to be Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.
  • Crazy sweater and pants can turn you into Will from The Fresh Prince

Miley Cyrus

Miley made it easy for us this year if you need a costume last minute. All you have to do is wear your underwear and stick your tongue out a lot. A foam finger would go great as well.

Fork in the Road

Wear a long sleeved black shirt and black pants. Use white duct tape to make a line of dashes in the center of the shirt and down your pants to your ankle. Fasten a fork under one of the dashes.


Become a zombie by tearing some clothes, rolling around in dirt, and using Halloween make-up to appear dirty with cuts and scratches. Don’t tie your shoe laces, make your hair look as messy as possible, and have dirt under your nails for the full effect.

Orange is the New Black

This hit-Netflix show makes an easy costume. Grab some orange scrubs and choose which character you want to be.







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