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Texas Halloween is a little different than Halloween in most other states, especially if you live in the Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, or Laredo. That’s because the mentality here in Texas is “Go Big or Go Home.” If you’re one of the 170 million Americans celebrating Halloween this year (that was 2012’s stat), you’ll need a Halloween costume. And because we love Texas and we love Halloween, we’re bringing you all the Halloween costume discounts you could ask for. Here are a few places to search for your costume online along with your Halloween costume discount to use at check out.

Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween has been open for biz more than 25 years. “Spirit” is the actual company owned by “Spensers”, the store with crazy gifts and black lights you usually find in a mall. Spirit not only celebrates Halloween, but all the different holidays from New Years to Christmas. They have 48 locations across the state. The biggest discounts are the coupons you find online. One tip I have is to visit an actual Spirit location to look at the costumes and try on the costumes in person, then find the costume online to order to save money.

Click Here to get your Spirit Halloween costume discounts!


Costume Craze

Costume Craze is one of the world’s largest online costume shops which, like Spirit, has costumes for all occasions in addition to Halloween. One of the reasons we like Costume Craze so much is because they have an enormous selection with ridiculous discounts, some up to 90% off! That’s what I’m talkin’ bout! If you’re looking for a Halloween costume on a budget this year, check out Costume Craze and take advantage of your extra discount by clicking below.

Storewide Sale: 30% Off or More!*



Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes is another one of the largest costume shops online. So the thing that sets “Halloween Costumes” apart from the industry is their wide variety of costumes. They say 20% of their costume selection is completely unique to their company, meaning, you won’t find it anywhere else. This is great especially if you plan on being around a bunch of people so you don’t wear the same costumes as someone else. Click below to see what Halloween Costumes has to offer and take advantage of their Halloween costume discounts!



Buy Costumes

Buy Costumes is the most popular online costume shop in the world. They have a gigantic selection of costumes to pick from. The thing that makes this online shop stand out to me isn’t even the costumes, it’s their party supplies. They have more Halloween party supplies than I’ve seen anywhere else. You can use the coupon below to take you to the site and take advantage of the discount for costumes, supplies, or whatever you find on their site.

20% Off 1 regular priced item from Buycostumes.com!* Use promo code: AFC166BC. Offer expires 10/31



Wherever you decide to get your costume, make sure to take advantage of all the Halloween costume discounts you have available to you. Happy Halloween Ya’ll!!!

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