Texas Sized Halloween Discounts

Happy Halloween Ya’ll!

Here at Texas Halloween, we LOVE Texas and we LOVE Halloween and we’re here to share that Halloween love with ya’ll! So we are here to give you everything you need to have a seriously freaky awesome Texas Halloween from custom cosmetics and costumes, to demonic decorations, to happenin’ Halloween ho-downs (okay, events and parties). Bottom line is, we are here to fulfill that Halloween hollow you’ve had deep inside since last October. Because Halloween is only here in Texas once a year (unless you live in Austin..wink. wink.) it’s every reason to go all out!


Since we can all agree Halloween is splurge worthy, the least we could do is give you huge discounts, right? Right! We have partnered with several Halloween companies that offer Halloween costumes, candy, decorations, and party supplies that enable us to give you all of your Halloween necessities at such great prices it’s scary.

Beware of TEXAS-SIZED Halloween Discount Coupons!

All of the links, coupons, and side bars you see on TEXAS HALLOWEEN are HAND PICKED by us to bring you the best deals. We know because we use them for ourselves. We describe each company in detail so you know we’re all Treats and No Tricks, honest. Some of our Halloween discounts are conveniently in the text for you to click on to get more info about a product or category, some are in a separate page as a coupon, side bar, or banner. We assure you, if it’s listed on our site, it’s legit. Take advantage of it because you’ll have a wider selection online, it’s a limited time, you don’t have to leave your house, and it will save you money.

Our Halloween Discount Partners

  • Spirit Halloween – Spirit Halloween brings you a wide selection of Halloween costumes and Halloween decorations. Follow the link to get more details.
  • Costume Craze – Costume Craze caught our eye with their ridiculous discounts. Some of their discounts give you up to 90% off. DARN GOOD!
  • Candy Warehouse – Candy Warehouse’s selection of Halloween candy is unique and has custom search options to help find exactly what you need.
  • Buy Costumes – Buy Costumes has the largest selection of costumes online and has all your Halloween party supplies from dinnerware to decorations.
  • Halloween Costumes – 20% of Halloween Costume’s inventory is their own. If your Halloween party is going to be packed, be different by choosing a unique costume from this site.

Get To Shoppin’ and Savin’

Now that you know we’re all about helping our feller Texans out with their Halloween necessities, you should feel a bit more comfortable navigating through the site and using the resources we give you to save money. If you have any suggestions, questions, or blessin’s, contact us. We want to make sure your Halloween is the frightful delight you imagine.

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