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Adults and Kids Monsters University Halloween Costumes

Everyone loved Monsters Inc. and that love has followed to the prequel, Monsters University. Sulley and Mike are back and one of this years hottest Halloween costumes will be dressed up as these friendly monsters. There are babies, kids, and adults Monsters University Halloween costumes so you can easily find costumes to dress up as an individual or group.

If you see Monsters University costumes in stores, make sure you pick it up then. Since this is a popular 2013 Halloween costume, it may not be around the closer to Halloween it gets.

Monsters University

Monsters University was in theaters this past June. It shows us how Mike and Sulley became friends, which began as a rivalry at the school, Monsters University. Mike studies hard but has trouble being successful in scaring no matter how book-smart he is. Sulley is natural at scaring but isn’t interested in truly studying and learning the different techniques.

Their bickering eventually gets them kicked out of the scaring program but in a last effort they join the same fraternity, Oozma Kappa, with other unpopular monsters of the school. Scare Games, a competition in the Greek system, is their last chance to stay at Monsters University and Oozma Kappa has to win the whole thing.

Monsters University Halloween Costumes

There are many different monsters you can dress up as for Halloween from Monsters University. Halloween stores are selling different types of Sulley and Mike costumes, but you can also get creative and make your own. Consider making your own Monsters Halloween costume by dressing up as Randy, Dean Hardscrabble, Squishy, or any of the other monsters.

Kids and adults will find Monsters University Halloween costumes available in stores. Even infants can dress up as their parents’ favorite monster from the movie with many different Sulley and Mike Halloween costumes. Since the movie was released this year, a lot of the Monsters Inc. character costumes you can buy are new this year to stores.

Buy Monsters Inc. Costumes

Here are some links that will take you directly to Spirit Halloween’s website and give you discounts for using our site. Happy Halloween!

Monsters University Mike Infant Costume

Monsters University Sulley Infant Costume

Monsters University Sulley Toddler Girls Costume

Monsters University Sulley Deluxe Adult Mens Costume

Monsters University Mike Deluxe Adult Mens Plus Size Costume


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