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Iron Man Halloween Costumes

There are many new Iron Man Halloween costumes being offered this year. If you’re looking for a hot costume to wear, look for men and women’s costumes with an Iron man theme. Since it’s a popular costume this year, it will be easy to find stores that offer Iron Man costumes for men, women, and children. However, you want to hurry and buy it before they run out of stock.

Iron Man: The Movies

In May this year, Iron Man 3 came out in theaters. After Loki’s attack on New York City, Tony Stark/Iron Man is a changed man who suffers from insomnia and post traumatic stress disorder. Eventually he has to suit up again as Mandarin is coming for Tony after staging an attack on the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. Mandarin stages an attack on Stark’s mansion and leaves him with nothing but his prototype suit, Mark 42, which is left with no power. The suit does regain some power and he flies off, eventually stopping in rural Tennessee.

Tony traces Mandarin to Miami and uncovers who Mandarin is and pieces of the puzzle start to come together as Stark’s past begins to connect with what is going on now.

Iron Man Costume Ideas

There are a wide variety of choices when it comes to picking up an Iron Man Halloween costume or Iron Man accessories.

  • Iron Man 3 Patriot Deluxe
  • Iron Man 3 Iron Patriot Muscle
  • Iron Man Deluxe
  • Iron Man Mark 42 Muscle
  • Iron Man Mark 7 Avengers
  • Iron Man Classic

These costumes can be found in men, women, child, and toddler sizes. Women will generally have a skirt or slim-fitted leggings as a costume, while the men costumes are more muscular in nature. You can also find Iron Man accessories to go with a costume you have already, such as an Iron Man pail, Iron Man Patriot Deluxe globes, Iron Man skirt, and an Iron Man Arc Reactor Glow



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