Halloween decorations in front yard

Make Your Own Halloween Decorations in Dallas

Halloween decorations in Dallas can be found in stores all across the city. You can easily visit a Spirit Halloween, craft, or even grocery store this time of year and be able to find Halloween decorations ranging from airblown decorations to party favors to skeletons. Perhaps you don’t want to spend so much money this year, or you want to make something that doesn’t scream store-bought. Whatever the case, there are a few easy things you can do to decorate your Dallas home that will only take a little bit of creativity.


Have an old pair of shoes or cowboy boots? Put them to use by creating a grave in your front yard. Rake leaves to make piles that are the size of a typical grave. Place the boots at the end of the pile of leaves to look like there is a body underneath.

Create some gravestones to go along with the effect. Buy Styrofoam, cut in the proper shape, spray paint it gray. The great thing about this is you shouldn’t do it neatly if you want it to look more authentic.

Use wire clothes hangars to help gravestones stick in the ground. Unbend the hangars and cut to the desired size so you have two pieces. Stick them up the bottom of the gravestone and use the other end to poke into the ground.


What’s better than having ghosts in your yard? They are easy to make and look great for little effort. Reflate those beach balls you put away this summer and hang a sheet over the top of them. Try pushing out the “belly button” of the ball to tie twine to, and run that piece of twine through the center of the sheet. Put some eyes if you want to and hang up your ghost on your porch or from a tree.

Felt Bats

Use a bat template to make some bats you can put outside your front door. Buy some black stiff felt, fold it in half, and use the template to cut out a bat. Use duct tape if you want to use them outside or regular double-sided tape for indoors.

Halloween Books

Have a display of books around your house? Perhaps a collection of coffee table books? Cut out lengths of paper to cover these books and fold over the edges of the front and back covers. Use stickers to decorate the spines of the books, as well as letter stickers or stencils to rename the spooky books. Now you have a book of potions, spells, poisons, and the witch’s guide to naughty children in Dallas.






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