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Haunted Houses in McKinney

Halloween is a great time to get your adrenaline pumping by visiting a haunted house in McKinney. There are a variety to choose from in nearby cities. Each of them has a variety of attractions so you will always be wondering when and where the next scare will come. You can either choose to visit one haunted house this Halloween, but they are open enough weekends to visit several this Halloween season.

When Haunted Houses in McKinney Open

Haunted houses open in mid to late September. Some will wait to open the first weekend in October, but since this September has a Friday the 13th, some are taking advantage of that and scheduling their opening night that Friday.

Radio stations and TV commercials will start to advertise haunted houses in your area the closer they are open. Keep your eyes and ears on the lookout and you are guaranteed to find various options for haunted houses. Billboards on highways will also give you a clue as to how far away haunted houses are.

Haunted Houses Near McKinney

This year, DFW Fright Nights presents The Parker House Haunted Attraction. They have bought and reassembled the original Parker House to give you a close look at the real tortures that occurred there. Mary was the daughter of the Parkers, who began the business of letting the deceased stay in their home while the mortician would care for the body and the family members could say goodbye. Mary began to salvage parts of the dead and sell them on the black market. However, the town was not giving her the bodies she needed for the black market so she would lure the homeless and runaways to her home with the promise of a job and place to stay. She would then remove their body parts in horrific ways. She was not stopped until one transient managed to get away and the FBI got involved.

Moxley Manor Haunted House is another haunted house attraction in Bedford. It is open every Friday and Saturday night beginning on September 13th but they are open for more days beginning in October. Those who visit will experience heart pumping excitement with its dark corridors with twisted ghouls and villains of the night.

The Haunt House opens September 28th and is then open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights starting in October. They have a wide range of monsters and you are sure to find yourself running away from one by the end of the night. They are open rain or shine and tickets are just $17.



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