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The Best Haunted Houses in Amarillo

Amarillo is a great place to go if you are looking for haunted houses this Halloween. You can visit just one haunted house and still have multiple spooky attractions to choose from, or visit them all for a real haunting experience! If you are a big fan of Halloween, you may want to consider visiting more than just one haunted house. Each will provide a different experience that you are sure to remember.

Where Are Haunted Houses in Amarillo?

Mayhem Z

Mayhem Z is a haunted house in Amarillo located at the Amarillo Activity Youth Center in downtown Amarillo.

Address: 816 S Van Buren, Amarillo, TX 79101

Why Mayhem Z?
Mayhem Z is ranked one of the best haunted houses, not only in Amarillo, but in Texas! A couple of cool things about this haunted house have to do with the way it’s managed. The entire haunted house is run my volunteers, youth and adults alike. That means every scary detail, every zombie trail, every spook, spasm, and surprise are made with pure passion.

When Are They Open?
This haunted house in Amarillo is open every Friday and Saturday in October, plus, of course, HALLOWEEN NIGHT October 31st.

How Much Does it Cost?
Mayhem Z is one of the most inexpensive haunted houses in Texas despite it’s glowing reputation, at $17 a ticket. And that’s not all! They also give discounts for:

  • Buy your tickets at Westgate Mall for $5 off
  • AISD Faculty and staff gets in Half Off
  • $2 off for printing off and bringing in this web promo
  • City officials can enjoy $5 off with an ID or biz card

Amarillo Scaregrounds

Amarillo Scaregrounds is the talk of the town. It’s a haunted house in Amarillo about 2 miles west of downtown.

Address: 2736 SW 10th Ave, Amarillo, TX 79102

Why Amarillo Scaregrounds?
The Amarillo Scaregrounds haunted house has five different attractions. Multiple attractions have a couple of benefits. One, if you don’t care for zombies or you don’t have enough time for a five-attraction event, choose the few that appeal most to you. Two, if you’re going with a group, you can split up into sections to visit the attractions you want to see most. Also, who doesn’t love variety? Especially when it comes to freaking yourself out, right?

How Much Does It Cost?
If you want to go to all 5, you’ll get a “Pepsi Pass” that’s $35 for all five attractions. That’s a $25 discount. If you want to go to more than one attraction, you may as well go to all five if you have time.

  • Terror: $15
  • Insanitarium: $15
  • The Basement: $20
  • Blackout: 1 for $5 or 3 for $10
  • Zombie Apocalypse: $5

When Are They Open?
This haunted house in Amarillo opens at 7PM October 25th, 26th, 27th, and HALLOWEEN October 31st.

Warning!!! Be prepared to be scared!


Farmageddon is not a haunted house in Amarillo, it’s a haunted hayride! I know what you’re thinking… Hayride? Hayrides are for kids! Neneneneno. This is a a spooky hayride through a zombie infested cornfield. And where else do you get to fight back the zombies and creepy things that scare you? That’s right! You get to shoot the zombies with paintball guns. It’s like being in a live zombie video game! Oh, while you’re there, say hi to the clowns for me.

Where Is This Haunted Hayride?
Farmageddon is located at Amazingly Fun Farms off S Whitaker Rd.

7651 S Whitaker Rd, Amarillo, TX 79118

When Can You Go?
This haunting hayride in Amarillo is open to you every Friday and Saturday in October 8P to Midnight and Wednesdays October 23rd and 30th 8P to 10P. 

How Much Is It?$
Friday nights are $20 and Saturday nights are $25.

6th Street Massacre

6th Street Massacre is the only 3D haunted house in Amarillo, Texas ranked in the TOP 10 Haunted Houses in the Nation! It’s located in an old abandoned movie theater, which really makes you feel like you’re trapped in a horror movie. Check out the maps view. I’m creeped out from seeing the outside! SCARY!!!

When Can You Go?

  • Fridays in October: 7P – Midnight
  • Saturdays in October: 7P – Midnight
  • Sundays in October: 7P – 10P
  • Halloween, October 31st: 7P – 10P

How Much to Get In?

  • Free to first 13 people each night
  • $20 for general admission
  • $25 for Fast Pass (where you get to pass everyone in line)

Where Is?

3015 W 6th Ave, Amarillo, TX 79106

Any of these three haunted houses in Amarillo plus the haunted hayride will be sure to give you the scare you’re looking for this Halloween. TIP! Wear dark clothing or something that’s going to make you blend-in. If you look cute and helpless, you’re a big target for the zombies and ax murderers. If you’re so inclined, we’d love to get your feedback after you’ve visited. Just leave us a comment below! Happy Haunting Ya’ll!



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