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Finding a Costume in the Right Size in McAllen

Shopping for Halloween costumes in McAllen may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Most costumes only come in the general sizes small, medium, large, etc. For many people, this means buying a costume that does not fit properly. This may not be the worst thing in the world for adults, but it is important to think about when shopping for a kid’s Halloween costume.

Always Try the Costume on First

The worst thing you can do is buy a Halloween costume without trying it on. You may not be able to at every store, but ask about the return policy before you buy it. You may have to bring it back within a certain period of time, so keep your receipt and the packaging looking as nicely as possible.

You have probably bought Halloween costumes in the past. If so, you may know what is the best size to get when you only get to choose from the typical small, medium, or large options. The form fitting costumes are going to be the hardest to buy without trying them on. It may be worth spending a little extra money going to a McAllen store that sells Halloween costumes that have dressing rooms so you can definitely try before you buy.

If you are buying online, obviously this is not an option. Buy the costume enough time in advance so if it doesn’t fit when you receive it, you have plenty of time to send it back and get the costume in a different size. Once again, it may be better buying a Halloween costume that costs a little extra so you can choose your actual dress size.

Ask for Your Size

We’ve all gone to the store and found the perfect outfit but can’t find it in our size. If this happens to you while shopping for a Halloween costume in McAllen, don’t be afraid to ask an employee if they have any more sizes available. Some may put out everything they have, while others will keep overstock in the back. It’s more convenient to ask for your size while you’re there rather than assume they don’t and go hunting all over town when asking them would have gotten you what you wanted.

Make the Necessary Alterations

If you can’t find anything that fits perfectly, buy a costume that is a bit too large. Take in areas that you need so it fits properly. You may be able to sew it yourself or simply pin it in an area that isn’t noticeable. For children, this means keeping the neck area from being too tight or pieces that hang off. Pants shouldn’t be too long to prevent them from causing a person to trip.





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