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Weather-Friendly Costumes for Women in Mesquite

Trying to dress for the weather in Mesquite, Texas can be near impossible. If you have a thick costume, odds are it will be a warm Halloween and your child will be sweating and so uncomfortable they will cut trick-or-treating short. The best thing to do is get creative and have something prepared in case a front comes in that dramatically changes the temperature.

Think Warm

Since we’re talking about Halloween in Mesquite, there is a good chance it may still be warm. If you are going to wear the costume for several different events, such as parties, pub crawls, or trick-or-treating you may find that it is warm for one of those events and cold for another.

Ideally, think of a costume that you can wear when it is warm. It’s easier to add layers than take them away if you get too warm. Plan to wear short sleeved tops and bottoms that you won’t get too hot in, but think of a back up plan in case temperatures dip.

For many women, dressing for a warm Halloween is easy to do. Bunny, cat, French maid, and goddess costumes tend to bare a good amount of skin. Princesses, Egyptian or Greek goddesses, and vampire costumes that tend to have longer sleeves or dresses are best for a cold night out. The hard part is staying warm without hiding your awesome costume.

How to Layer Halloween Costumes

Dress in layers whenever it is possible. Perhaps you have a black spaghetti-strap tank top to wear for your cat costume. You could easily turn this into a tight fitting long sleeved black shirt or a 3/4 sleeve shirt to achieve the same look without goosebumps. Mittens also work great for a cat costume.

Other ideas include:

  • Dressing up as a socialite in a fancy dress? A faux fur coat would go perfect with that look.
  • Choose a costume that has a cape, such as Little Red Riding Hood or a vampire.
  • If your costume has shorts, slip on tights underneath that either stand out or blend in with your natural skin tone depending on the look you’re going for.
  • Wear a tank top underneath a regular shirt but make both of them fit with your costume. If you start to get warm, strip the top layer without losing part of your costume.
  • Consider transforming you costume throughout the night. You could start out dressing for cold weather as a nerd with knee socks that don’t match over tights, pencil skirt with suspenders, glasses, sweater, and pig tails. You could then turn into a sexy librarian with tousled hair, keep the glasses, but remove the knee socks, suspenders, and sweater to show a nice shirt.


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