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Let Kids Choose Their Own Brownsville Halloween Costume

Your kids want to have their say in everything. This Halloween, give them that little bit of freedom they want and let them choose what Halloween costume they wear. The older the child is, the easier the decision will be. You may still have to guide younger children throughout the process by letting them do their own type of research.

Find a Theme

Princess, fairy, superhero, athlete, etc. are all popular themes kids choose each and every year. Perhaps your child already has one in mind they want. Or, maybe he or she is a bit indecisive. Whatever the case, children in Brownsville can search through magazines, a favorite book, or costumes in Halloween stores to get an idea on what type of costume they tend to like the best. Simply knowing your daughter wants to be a princess will make it that much more easier to settle the actual character they want to be.

Pick a Character

When your child has chosen the theme, they get to choose the exact character they want to be. Is there a certain Princess she wants to dress up as? Does your son want to be a particular superhero?  Once this decision is made you get to think of how the costume will specifically look.

Sit down with your child and plan the costume. Clothing, shoes, makeup, mask, wig, and other accessories will have to be thought of depending on the costume. This is another time where looking at a magazine can help, as they can point to they want to give you a better idea on where to find it or how to make it.

Shop in Brownsville Halloween Stores

Most of the time you can visit a Halloween store in Brownsville to get most of the supplies you need to  make a costume. You may be lucky enough to find one that is pre-made, but if your child is very particular in what they want then you may have to get creative and make a homemade costume. Don’t forget to look through your child’s bin of dress-up clothes. You may be able to incorporate those into the Halloween costume.

Visit Halloween and craft stores to gather supplies. Vintage and thrift stores should also be considered in order to save money.

Test it Out

Once all the supplies have been bought, bring it home and put it all together. If you are making it from scratch, you need to give yourself plenty of time to get it finished before Halloween.

Have your child wear the outfit, see if any sizes need to be changed, and make sure it is safe for them to wear. Make any necessary alterations and then let them be in their fantasy on Halloween.



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