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Caring for Halloween Costumes in Lubbock

Taking care of Halloween costumes in Lubbock gives you the chance to reuse them another year. Even if you don’t dress up exactly the same, you may be able to use bits and pieces of your costume in the future. Of course, that means storing it correctly. If you have spent a lot of money on a costume or simply don’t want to just wear it once before throwing it away, follow some tips to keep it wearable.

How to Wash Halloween Costumes

Most Halloween costumes are not meant to last a long time. They are used with cheap materials with basic stitches. Washing a Halloween costume may make it shrink or the colors to bleed. Check the tag to see what washing instructions it has and follow them closely. Some may be dry clean only, and it is very important you take their advice.

Some costumes say they can be hand washed, but that does not always mean they will remain in perfect condition after the wash is complete. It may be best to see if the costume has any spots or stains for you to try and get out without washing the complete costume.

To hand wash a Halloween costume, turn the costume inside out and wash it in a sink or plastic tub with cold water and a very small amount of gentle detergent and fabric softener. Kneed the costume gently and then rinse with cold water. Turn the costume to its right side and hang it up to dry in the Lubbock sun.

Prevent Wrinkles

When you want to wear the costume and it is completely dry, you may need to iron out the wrinkles. Fill the iron’s water spray reservoir with distilled water so no mineral build-up occurs on the iron or the clothing. If your iron does not spray water, fill a spray bottle instead.

Plug in the iron and set it to the correct setting for the material your costume is made with. Many costume materials are sensitive to heat, so you will want to use a low temperature so the fabric does not overheat. Allow the iron to heat up.

Iron the clothing and then immediately hang it up so it will not wrinkle again.

If you do not have an iron, consider trying a wrinkle reducing spray you can find in stores that relaxes the fabric fibers. It may not turn out as good as ironing, but it should look better than before.


Hang costumes as they would be worn. Hang them in a garment bag for them to stay in the best condition. Another option is to carefully fold the costume up and put it in a zip-lock bag to store until next Halloween.




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