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Quick Halloween Costume Ideas for Boys in Laredo

Halloween costumes for boys in Laredo don’t have to get complicated. If your boy changes his mind a lot on what he wants to be, you may find yourself putting a costume together at the last minute. Rather than stress, just think about all the possibilities.

Halloween Items to Have Every Year

To save yourself running to the store at the last minute for common items, consider stocking up in the beginning of the Halloween season, or from year to year if possible. Some things you can buy or keep each year include:

  • Wigs
  • Hats
  • Face make-up
  • Swords, shields, masks, etc.
  • Flashy Halloween jewelry

If putting a Halloween costume together at the last minute is a common occurrence in your house, consider buying several different types of pre-made Halloween costumes to keep at home. Even if you don’t use the whole outfit, you may be able to use pieces of them to form a homemade costume. To save more money, shop for pre-made Halloween costumes as close to Halloween as you can when stores sell them at discounted prices.

Putting Quick Halloween Costume for Boys Together

Luckily, there are some costumes that will use many items you already have around the house. If not, it would be a simple and quick trip to the store to complete the Halloween costume. Some easy Halloween costumes for boys include:

  • Pirate: Jeans, t-shirt, make a hat from paper, face make-up for a mustache or beard. Find an eye patch and/or stuffed parrot at a store.
  • Rocket Man: White t-shirt and pants, 2 empty Pringle tubes and 2 party hats painted silver or duct tape taped around them, yellow and orange tissue paper to hang from the rockets. Put party hats upside down on top of tubes to look like a rocket.
  • Mad Scientist: Crazy wig, plaid shirt with bow-tie, goggles, and a white button up shirt from Dad to be a lab coat.
  • Scuba Diver, get out their swim suit, water goggles, two soda bottles painted black as an oxygen tank. Get black cord covers and a pacifier at the store to hot glue together to make the mouthpiece.
  • Zombie: Old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, create dark circles around his eyes, and let him carry a broken doll’s head. A dollar store is a good place to look if his sister doesn’t want to part with one of her dolls.
  • Superhero: Have a sweat shirt and sweatpants, use duct tape to tape the first letter of his name on his shirt, and tape a towel to his back as a cape.



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