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Finding Pet Costumes in Arlington

Halloween costumes for pets continues to grow in demand as more pet owners want to dress up their pet. If you are going to one of Arlington’s dog parks, get in the Halloween spirit and find a costume that fits their personality while they play and have fun with others. Keep in mind that you should never leave a pet unsupervised when wearing a costume and never force an animal to wear a costume if they look uncomfortable.

Shop Early

The earlier you shop for a Halloween costume for your pet, the easier it will be to find one in their size. When you go to a pet store for food or toys, browse the costume aisle and see what they offer. You can usually find regular pet clothing throughout the whole year, but the closer it gets to Halloween, the more costumes a store will offer.

You can find pet Halloween costumes in:

  • Pet Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Drug Stores
  • Pet Boutiques
  • Online

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding the right size in stores, consider shopping for pet costumes online. Make sure you get the proper size for your pet. You don’t want anything that falls over their eyes or is too small to go around their neck. Before you buy a costume online, ask about the return policy in case you need to exchange it for another size and get the new costume before Halloween.

Make a Homemade Halloween Pet Costume

Don’t be afraid to make your pet a homemade Halloween costume. This may be easier if you are trying to tie a theme between your family’s costumes and your pets’. Just be careful with how tight the costume is on your pet, never block their sight, and make sure they can walk freely in it.

Another important thing to consider is no matter what type of pet costume you choose, take the weather into consideration. If it is going to be a warm Halloween in Arlington, don’t put your pet in a thick costume or one that covers too much of their body.

To avoid putting on extra clothing on a warm Halloween day, consider using temporary spray-on hair color that is safe for your pet. This allows you to decorate their coat without the risk of them being uncomfortable. Plus, your pet can enjoy a nice cool bath when they get home.

Cool Pet Halloween Costumes

Some popular pet Halloween costumes in Arlington that you could find in stores, online, or even make yourself include:

  • Superman
  • Witch
  • Dinosaur
  • Cowboy
  • Hippy
  • Clown


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