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How to Find Houston Halloween Events for Kids

Houston Halloween for kids events are easy to find. In fact, it may be harder trying to decide which events you can go to and what you will have to miss out on until next year. If you want your kids to do more than go trick or treating around the neighborhood, or simply want to do something safer, there are a variety of Halloween events for kids in Houston.

Search Online

An online search can easily find Houston events for you to attend. However, you may find that search engines find what events were around in prior years, rather than this year. Luckily, a little more digging can go a long way.

Try thinking of places you take your kids throughout the year, and visit their websites. You can go to their Events page to see what special events they host each year. Consider visiting the following websites:

Check Your Neighborhood’s Calendar

Houston Halloween for kids does not necessarily mean you have to travel far and wide to find something to do. Many Houston neighborhoods host their own events for residents and their guests around Halloween. Check your neighborhood’s website or simply ask a neighbor if they know of anything happening this year. This is a great way to find a way to get to know your neighbors at a free event with activities for children, while giving them another day to get to wear their Halloween costume.

Ask Your Church

Although most churches will not participate in Halloween, many will host events for parents who don’t want their children trick or treating. Check your church’s bulletin board or newsletter to see what fall event they are hosting. This is another great way to find free or cheap Houston Halloween events for kids in your community.

Some churches may host events on Halloween night, while others will prefer celebrating the weekend before. Whatever the case, you should have plenty of time to find out what is going on in your area and determine what events you want to go to.

Keep Your Eyes Open

When you’re out and about, make sure you stay aware of any advertisements you see on the side of the road or in store windows. If there is anything going on this Halloween, you are sure to find them. Some stores hand out candy on a certain night or you may find fall festivals your kids will like to attend as well.


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