Halloween Safety Comes First!

Costume Safety Tips

Trick or treating is something many kids look forward to each year. Dressing up as somebody else while getting free candy is serious business. While many parents are aware to inspect the candy before letting their kids eat it, that is not the only safety hazard for Halloween night. Make sure your kids’ costumes are safe this Halloween with a few easy tips.

1. Flame Resistant Materials

If you are buying a Halloween costume, make sure it is made with flame resistant materials. Check the label before you buy. Odds are, your child will be near candles, lanterns, and other fiery objects while trick or treating, or going to a Halloween party.

2. Wear Costumes that Fit Properly

Never put a child in a costume that is too big or too loose for them. If a costume is too long, they may trip on the material and get bumps and scrapes that make them want to go home before they have gotten their fair share of candy. Billowy costumes may snag on objects, as well as be dangerous around open flames. Make sure the costume fits snugly and is at the right length before starting any Halloween activities.

3. Avoid Anything Around the Neck

Some costumes want to be as spooky as possible, which includes things around the neck. However, this is a strangulation hazard. Cords, sashes, jewelry, or costumes that are too tight around the neck should be avoided.

4. Be Careful Using Masks

Masks are popular for Halloween, and many kids want to wear them to complete their costume. While you don’t have to avoid every mask, you do want to make sure it does not pose a risk. Don’t let your child wear a mask while walking since many will obstruct their view. Choose a mask that fits snugly around the child’s face so it doesn’t slip off their neck, but make sure it isn’t too tight around their neck. Ensure they can breathe properly with the mask on and the holes for the eyes are large enough to see out of.

5. Look at Face Paint Ingredients

Face paint is a good alternative to masks. However, you still want to be careful and choose face paints that are FDA-approved and are meant to be used on the skin. Just because it says it is non-toxic does not mean it should be used on the face.

6. Reflective Gear

If the costume your child is wearing isn’t brightly colored, tape or sew reflective materials onto the costume to make sure they can still be seen in the dark. If it is going to be cold on Halloween night and your child will be wearing a jacket, put reflectors on the jacket, in addition to the costume.

Have your child carry a flashlight or lantern, and carry one yourself while trick or treating. Anything to help cars see where you are will help.

7. Use Safe Footwear

Shoes that come with costumes are not meant for outdoor use. Make sure shoes are not cheap, plastic, and have traction to prevent falls. Make sure the shoe is fitted nicely and will not slip and cause your child to trip. The best advice is to have your child wear their regular shoes while trick or treating.





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