Halloween Safety Comes First!

How to Stay Safe This Hallowen

Everyone wants to have a good Halloween, but parents want to know that their children are safe. The CDC has recommendations for Halloween safety that all parents with young children should know. Always talk to your kids before Halloween to know what is expected of them and how they can stay safe while still have fun.

Safe Costumes

Paying attention to your kids’ Halloween costumes can make a huge difference in their safety this Halloween. Here are some tips you may not have considered to keep your kids’ Halloween costumes safe:

  • Keep costumes short enough to prevent tripping,¬†entanglement, or coming into contact with a flame.
  • Plan to have kids wear a costume that is bright and reflective.
  • Consider using non-toxic makeup instead of masks, since masks limit or block eyesight.
  • Ensure hats fit property to prevent them from slipping over their eyes.
  • Look for Halloween accessories and costumes that are labeled to be flame resistant.
  • Keep sticks, canes, and swords from being too long or sharp. Kids can be injured if they trip and fall on their costume’s accessories.
  • Teach children how to call 9-1-1 if they are lost or are in an emergency.
  • Do not let children use decorative contact lenses without a prescription. It is dangerous and illegal to have decorative contact lenses without a prescription.

Safely Carving Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is a Halloween tradition, but it can be dangerous, for obvious reasons.

  • Never let small children carve pumpkins. Let children draw a face onto the pumpkin with markers and have an adult do the cutting.
  • Instead of a candle in your jack-o-lantern, use a flashlight, glow stick, or the best option is a votive candle.
  • Pumpkins that do have a candle must be kept on a sturdy table that is away from curtains and other flammable materials. Never leave the pumpkin unattended.

Trick-or-Treating Safety

Keep your children safe while they’re gathering their Halloween spoils.

  • Always have young children accompanied by a parent or trusted adult when trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.
  • Let older children who are going on their own know what route they can take and must follow, as well as what time they need to return home.
  • Never enter a home for a treat.
  • Only visit a home with a porch light on.
  • Remain on well-lit streets. Do not use shortcuts across dark alleys.
  • Always use the sidewalk.
  • Only cross the street at a designated crosswalk. Assume motorists always have the right away since they have a hard time seeing trick-or-treaters.
  • Do not begin eating candy you received until the candy has been sorted and let a responsible adult examine all treats. Throw away anything that looks suspicious or tampered with.





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