Trick or Treat in TX

How to Make Door Duty During Trick-or-Treating Fun

When Halloween comes around in Texas, odds are there will be trick-or-treaters coming up to your door. We all know to pass out candy and food items in its original wrapping, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep it boring. Spice things up a bit and make kids think twice about coming to your door next year.

Keep in mind, young kids are going to be trick-or-treating. It’s always best to make it easy for the little ones to get their candy without having a scare.

Get Creative with Your Bucket of Halloween Candy

Have a bowl filled to the rim of Halloween candy to pass out to trick-or-treaters? Isn’t it kind of boring letting them see the candy they are getting? How about having a bowl of flesh-eating maggots instead? Cook white rice and when trick-or-treaters come to the door, mix the rice in warm water. Put candy with plastic wrappers into the bowl and have kids roll up their sleeves and stick their hand into the “maggots” in order for them to find their candy.

Have a regular bowl of candy ready if the trick-or-treaters seem hesitant. Odds are you won’t have to get it out very often, but it’s good to have.

Decorate Your Front Porch

Some of the best houses kids go trick-or-treating to will be the ones that have actually decorated their front porch to be spooky. Little kids will probably skip past a front porch that looks less than inviting, but the older kids will have more fun.

  1. Eyeballs of Naughty Children: Have a bowl set out with peeled grapes tossed with olive oil. Set out a sign saying what it is. See who is brave enough to stick their hand in.
  2. Human Brain: Pour a bit of strawberry puree and then plain vanilla panna cotta mixture into a brain mold. Chill it, unmold it, and put it in a glass bell jar on your porch for the specimen to be admired.
  3. Witches’ Boogers: Green apple-flavored jelly beans will fool everyone who comes to your door. Have a bowl set out with the jelly beans and a little sign saying Witches’ Boogers. Parents may not want their kids eating them if they don’t know you, you will get a good reaction to eating one in front of the kids.
  4. Werewolf Hairballs: Mash avocado with alfalfa sprouts. Take a bite when trick-or-treaters are around. Just like with the boogers, a good reaction is sure to come.


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