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Ghosts in San Angelo, TX

You may be planning a visit to San Angelo, one of the most haunted areas in Texas, or you may decide to go there after hearing some of the ghost stories that are based out of this Texas town. Visiting a school, hotel, or going shopping may all have you experience an eerie feeling.

Angelo State University

On the ninth floor of the girl’s high rise dorm at Angelo State University, there is a ghost of a college student that was killed there in April of 1978. Luckily, she is a very nice ghost. Girls staying on that floor can probably be able to tell you what they have experienced with this ghost.

Another haunted place on the Angelo State University campus is in the housing office. It’s haunted by a spirit who was murdered there in 1970 by an ROTC cadet.  The cadet was apparently infatuated with the girl and murdered her when she refused to date him.

Santa Rita Park

A woman named Marie used to live in the Santa Rita Park in San Angelo and would frequently take a walk around the park. She died without much family and people say that they can find her still in the park, just to the left of the Santa Rita Elementary School. The park sees a lot of stray dogs that are looking for scraps of food and they often exhibit weird behavior, such as getting excited, running to and fro, and barking in a certain direction where nobody is. Marie seems to enjoy sitting on the bench in the park to watch the dogs. People that go to the bench at night often feel a chill.

Howard Johnson Inn

The Howard Johnson Inn has several different instances of a ghostly presence. A room near the end of the hall on the second floor has reports of guests seeing red eyes looking at them. People also hear noises inside the room but when the staff go inside to check, nobody is actually in there.

In the lobby and pool area, people have seen a spirit of a cowboy but it vanishes after a few seconds when a person spots him.  A misty figure has been seen to fly down the halls, which has been seen by both guests and employees.

Sun Set Mall

In Sun Set Mall there is an old Luby’s restaurant. Those who have gone inside the closet have said that they would hear two little kids playing and talking.

Regan Elementary School

Two cheerleaders were killed in one of the girl’s bathrooms in Regan Elementary School. One of them was hung while the other’s head was cut off. The girls now haunt the bathroom, enough to cause janitors to run and scream from the bathroom at night.




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