Riverwalk in San Antonio at night

Ghost Hunting in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is one of the most haunted cities in Texas and the United States. One of the main reasons for this is because of the events that happened at The Alamo. A visit to San Antonio, TX is already interesting enough with The Alamo and Riverwalk, but consider going on a ghost tour to truly be fascinated.

The Alamo

Throughout the fort you can feel cold spots and an eerie feeling. Every defender of The Alamo perished, as well as at least 1,200 Mexican soldiers fighting with Santa Anna. Since many did not have a proper burial, it is believed that many lost souls continue to search for an eternal resting place throughout the city.

The Alamodome

Where the Alamodome is built today, there used to be a bad neighborhood. Years ago, a lady was raped and killed and today she can be seen wandering around the parking lot appearing lost.

When building the Alamodome, a worker slipped and fell to his death. Today, he can be seen walking along the halls of the dome.

Bexar County Juvenile Detention Center

In the heart of San Antonio lies Bexar County Juvenile Detention Center. Building two may sit on an Indian burial ground. There are reports of juveniles in the building waking up in the middle of the night and screaming about an Indian being in their room. Others have seen fire or have experienced a smell as if something was burning, including detention officers who have smelled smoke but could not find a fire. A week doesn’t go by without there being something that happens at this detention center, whether it’s screaming or smelling smoke.

The Emily Morgan Hotel

The ninth floor of the Emily Morgan Hotel is very active. It housed wounded soldiers of the Alamo. Things have moved without anyone else in the room to move them, toilet seats slam shut, and the elevator doors would open and shut, not giving people enough time to get out. However, when maintenance checks the elevator they find that nothing is wrong.

Historic Spanish Missions

This is a part of town that is known for its historic Spanish missions. There are railroad tracks that go through the area. A school bus of children got stuck on the tracks when a train hit the bus and everyone on the bus was killed. It is said that if you drive your car over the tracks, park, and put your car in neutral the ghosts of the children will push your car over the tracks.

Comanche Park

Comanche Park on Old Nacogdoches Road is known as Comanche Look-Out Hill. There are many different reports of people seeing ghosts of soldiers that were once stationed there.  Others have seen forms that appear to be Indians. Those that are driving down Old Nacogdoches Road at night sight ghosts of Indians and soldiers walking along the road.

The Menger Hotel

This hotel is haunted by 38 ghosts. Sallie White who was killed as a chamber maid, a ghost of a lady in blue, Captain Richard King, and many others are said to be ghosts of this hotel. If you spend the night at the hotel, odds are you may see one of the 38 ghosts.




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