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Spirits in Laredo, TX

If you are looking for haunted places in Texas, you need to stop in Laredo to see what you can find. From ghosts to the inexplicable, you are sure to get a good story after a visit in Laredo, TX.

Alma Pierce Elementary

When it comes to ghost haunting, it usually comes with a tragic story. In this Alma Pierce Elementary School, there is a bathroom that has been closed down for years due to reports of it being haunted. The story goes that there were three girls at the school on Halloween and two of them decided to prank the third, Maria. They locked her in the bathroom and left. Maria’s mom called the girls later that night asking where Maria was. They told her about the prank, but had to send the police to get into the school late that night. The police went to the bathroom but they only found Maria’s shoes and a lot of blood. Maria’s body was never found.

Civic Center

Years ago, a man was messing with the curtains and the weights that made the curtains move fell down and killed the man. Now, janitors report they hear him walking around and will even pinch them. Then, if you go to the room where the accident occurred, you can see the cracks on the wall and floor made by the weights when they dropped.

La Posada Hotel

Next to the Rio Grande River and the St. Augustan Church, the building of the hotel used to be a convent. Today, many people report to have seen a nun roaming around the hotel’s halls. There have been other occurrences of cold spots and somebody calling your name when nobody else is around, objects falling and moving, and footsteps running and walking in the St. Augustan Ballroom.

Laredo Mall

Around 10:30 in the Laredo Mall, there are sightings of a spirit of a young girl walking around holding a doll in her right hand and crying for her mom. She appears to be wearing clothes from the mid-1950’s.

Lake Casa Blanca Ballroom

There is a ghost story that goes along with the ballroom. A woman died by drowning in a local lake. A few years later, a man offered to drive a woman home after a dance. The woman left a necklace she was wearing in the car and when the man gets out to give it back to her, he can’t find her. He walks to the door of the home she said she lived in but the man that answers says while the necklace was his daughter’s, she had died five years ago from drowning.

Old Department of Public Safety Office Building

Several employees of the old DPS office reported seeing a deceased DPS worker wandering the halls at all times. The spirit would turn lights and computers off and on, slam doors, and you could see the door knob turning when nobody was on the opposite side trying to open the door. Others have reported feeling like they were not alone or that they were being watched and experienced cold chills.



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