Haunted Places in Houston, TX

Haunted Places in Houston, TX

Houston, one of the most haunted places in Texas, constantly experiences illogical occurrences from flying objects to ghost sitings. You may decide to visit some of these places on your own to see what you can find, or opt to go on a Houston ghost tour.

Ale House Pub and Eatery

If you need something to eat and want a chance to see some mischief, then this is the place to go. Beer mugs and plates go sailing across the room and in one case, a customer filed a lawsuit, which was later dropped, against the pub after getting hit. Unfortunately, the pub was torn down a few years ago, but a bookstore is now on the location.

Cypress Springs High School

While this is one of the newer schools in the Houston area, built in 1998, it is said that a construction worker died on the construction site and his body was never removed from the school’s foundation. Noises can be heard in the bathrooms and cold spots are felt in the backstage of the auditorium where there is no air conditioning. Custodians do not like to stay at night due to weird noises they hear, such as footsteps on the catwalk.

Jefferson Davis Hospital

In the building where Jefferson Davis Hospital used to sit, there have been reports of ghosts of nurses, doctors, and patients that roam the halls. Apparently, these spirits are agitated by all the visitors the building is receiving and have become restless. The hospital was built on 3,000 graves from the Civil War and victims of yellow fever.  Today, the site is an apartment building.

Kingate Village

There is a ghost of a girl who was killed in the apartment complex after she saw her boyfriend cheating on her. Her boyfriend killed her and threw her in the bayou on Halloween. There are reports of a girl that wanders around the rooms. Some who have seen her believed she was a girl that was lost. When they called out to her asking if she needs help, she vanishes.

There are other reports of the spirit of a soldier that walks around with his arm cut off and a twisted neck. Those that have seen this ghost say he breaks the windows he passes but everything is back to normal, unbroken, in the morning.

Patterson Street

Located between Highway 6 and Eldridge St, it is rumored to be a site of a Civil War battle. The bridge closest to Eldridge is supposedly haunted. If you turn your car off while you are parked on the bridge you will hear tapping noises all around your car, mainly on the sides and the back of your car. It is said that these sounds are the spirits of the soldiers who died.

Woman Hollering Creek

Located off of I-10 between Houston and San Antonio there is a creek surrounded by forest that is haunted by the spirit of a woman who drowned her two children in the creek. The spirit now walks along the bank of the creek looking for her children. It is said that if you get too close to the creek at night the spirit will pull you in.





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