Galveston Island

Where to Spot a Ghost in Galveston, TX

Galveston Island is located on the Gulf of Mexico, just south of Houston, TX and comes with a rich history. If you decide to visit for a day at the beach, consider going around to one of the following locations. Perhaps you will have a good story to bring home, as well as a suntan. You may even want to consider going on one of the several ghost tours offered in Galveston so you get a taste of everything.

The Hotel Galvez

Located on Seawall Boulevard, The Hotel Galvez is the oldest hotel on the island. Ask to stay in room 505 and odds are, you will not be staying overnight. This room is supposedly haunted and many guests feel uncomfortable when in the room. While there are two ghosts that are seen in the room, nobody knows their story.

Stewart’s Mansion

This two story house has a lonely look when you see the front of it and as soon as you walk in. When you enter the home, there is a single picture on the wall and a piano. There are reports of witnesses hearing the piano play by itself. Also, people have heard kids screaming for help while banging the doors.

Ashton Villa

Ashton Villa is another location in Galveston that is said to be haunted, but does not have a lot of back story to it. It is one of the houses that survived the hurricane of 1900. In the house, there are reports of ghosts of males and females dressed in the clothing style of the early 20th century. Visitors also report that while they were in the house they didn’t feel like they were alone and there were strange movements and noises when there was nobody else with them.

University of Texas Medical Branch – Old Red

On one side of the building, which is made of concrete with a sandstone finish, there is a grid-like pattern. The face of an old man appears on one of the grids where it looks like a shadow but is easily visible. Apparently, the grid where the face appeared was sandblasted to remove the face. However, the face reappeared on a different grid a few days later. It is said that there was another attempt to remove the face, but it still reappeared on a different grid.

Other Haunted Locations

There are a few other locations throughout Galveston that are said to be haunted, such as the Peanut Butter Warehouse and the Tremont House Hotel. However, information is limited but going on a ghost tour will definitely touch on these places.



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