Haunted Places in El Paso TX

Ghost Hunting in El Paso, TX

El Paso, located on the border with Mexico in West Texas, has numerous haunted places you can check out. Considering the history you can find in this town, it should be no surprise the type of ghosts you may find lurking around.

Fire Station #9

It is believed that a firefighter died in the fire station from a fire. Today, firefighters say that the lights will turn on and off on their own and the toilets will flush if there is a fire to go to. They say sometimes it happens before the alarm goes off for the fire.

Evergreen Cemetery

If you drive by the cemetery during the early morning hours, you may spot the ghost of a boy who is standing on the sidewalk asking for a ride. Also, if you go near the railroad tracks that are located behind the cemetery, a strong mist appears with a strong smell.

Escontrias Elementary School

Many years ago, a high school was built on top of a cemetery. It was turned into an elementary school at a later time, and if you go to the girl’s restroom at the back of the school you may find ghosts of five girls hung from the ceiling with bloody hand prints on the wall.

The El Paso Area

Around El Paso it is known to be the home of “El Muerto.” This means the dead one or the dead man. It is the tale of a beheaded man who rides on his horse around the desert carrying his head in his lap or with it hung on the rawhide thong from the saddle. You can spot this man throughout West Texas and in some locations throughout Mexico.

Concordia Cemetery

In this cemetery, many children were buried during a small pox epidemic. It is these children that you can hear playing and laughing at two in the morning in the cemetery. There are also reports of hearing hoof beats of Calvary soldiers, as well as conversation that you can hear but are unable to actually make out the words being said.

Fort Bliss

In Building #4 there are reports of haunting in a Military Medical Center that has been condemned for at least a decade. Some high rank soldiers still have keys to go into the building. In this building, a medic was let down when he “accidentally” killed a soldier by shooting him in the chest in the 1950’s.

Building #13 was built in 1893 for the 18th Infantry. A Calvary soldier was forced into retirement due to his age. This led to depression of the soldier and he apparently hung himself in the rafters. There have been reports of some weird occurrences in this building, such as a Calvary soldier walking through the walls and swinging doors moving on their own.

Insights El Paso Science Museum

Employees have reported that they have seen Indians and a woman dressed in white. One report is when they were opening the doors in the morning and saw a tall Indian Chief staring at the employees from the exhibit hall and instantly disappeared. Employees don’t like to be left alone at night due to an uneasy feeling, and lights around the exhibits turn on and off on their own at random times.




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