Ghost in Brownsville TX

Ghost Spotting in Brownsville, TX

Brownsville, located in deep South Texas, has a few ghost stories you may hear about and want to see if you can spot the ghost on your own. You may decide to stop through Brownsville on your way to Mexico or the Gulf of Mexico, or perhaps you came specifically for the haunts. No matter what, you won’t be disappointed.

Camp Lulu

Camp Lulu comes with a sad story. It was a camp for young kids where a counselor began raping and killing girls. After that occurred, the camp was closed down but if you go at night you can still hear the girls crying. However, you may want to think twice about visiting the sight. The owner of the property shoots trespassers in order to preserve the souls of the girls.

Farm Road 511

While this is a road that does see a good amount of traffic, those traveling in the middle of the night report seeing ghost cows. It happens as you’re driving down the road and see a cow, on the road, only a few feet away from you. You will try to avoid the cow, only to find out that it was unnecessary to do so since there was never anything really there. There have been some pretty serious accidents that have occurred due to the ghost cows.

Rivera High School

A girl that was apparently murdered in the school’s shower stall in the girl’s locker room has spooked some students and even a coach of the school. Reports say that they heard a frantic scream and the sound it makes if a body was thrown onto the lockers. Others hear the showers turn off with something that looks like liquid going down the drain.

Apparently unrelated, another ghost will turn showers on in the high school and the toilet in the last stall will flush on its own repeatedly. Those who were alone in the locker room would hear locker doors slamming shut.

Another ghost spotting at Rivera High School is due to a ghost who roams the gym. The ghost is said to be a teenager who died in the gym while playing basketball. Some have heard the sound of a basketball bouncing while in the gym.

Stanolin Road

Years ago, a man was driving too fast on the road and crashed his car where he died. There is a cross on the road where he died and people riving past will see him smiling and begin to walk to your car. Once you eventually realize he is a ghost, most drivers get away as quick as possible.



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