Top Haunted Places in Austin, TX

Top Haunted Places in Austin, TX

There is more than one reason why you want to visit Austin. While it may not be something you think about at first, it may be hard to pass up once you hear about all the haunted places you can visit in Austin.

Harris Park

A house located at Harris Park has a ghost protecting other girls on the property. In 1985, a girl named Doan was abused by her uncle and raped by her cousins. She was later murdered by her uncle after she told her mom what was happening. Families that have since lived in the house report that things have moved on their own, heard noises coming from the attic, and any time a husband tries to touch his wife he feels a force keeping him away.

Driskill Hotel

Want an experience that you can’t find in many other hotels? Then come for a stay at Driskill Hotel. Visitors say they hear people playing upstairs and can sometimes feel something touching their faces and arms. Go to the third floor and in one of the hallways there is a painting of a little girl holding flowers. Those that look at the painting experience a tingling sensation and the feeling that something is lifting them off their feet.

Garrison Park

Next to Crockett High School, in the back of the park there are three graveyards. If you drive down the road that takes you to the park you may be able to see ghosts of kids playing basketball on the court or people putting flowers on the graveyard.

Bedicheck Middle School

The tragic story of Billy is known by students who attend the middle school. Playing the Phantom in the Phanton of the Opera, Billy was on the new catwalk in the auditorium where the rope slipped, causing Billy to fall and hang himself. People say that Billy will push them off the catwalk and help them remember their lines.

Jacob’s Hill

Two children who were killed by their father around the area where there is now a bridge on Wells Branch Parkway beyond I-35 to the east try and help others on the road. Put your car on neutral and turn everything off in your car. The two children who were killed will push your car off the hill to get you away from their dangerous father.

Spaghetti Warehouse

It is said that the second floor of the building is haunted. Employees hear strange noises coming from above their break room and the lights will flicker on and off throughout the restaurant. Many employees refuse to go in the basement after they experience chills down their spines and have the felling that somebody is watching them the first time they visit the basement.

Logan’s on 6th Street

Headed for some fun on 6th St? Then make sure you stop by Logan’s. Apparently there is a ghost that died when the building was a coffee plantation refinery. Glasses swing by themselves, loud cackling can be heard, and doors swing open.

Treasury Department

Even the government isn’t safe from a haunted presence. Employees have reported that their chairs move without an explanation, they hear they names being called without anyone saying, as well as other ghostly reports from the library.


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