Haunted Spots in Arlington, TX

Arlington, located between Dallas and Ft. Worth, is a great place to go if you’re looking for some haunted places. While you may be able to visit several different haunted places in some cities, odds are you will have to spread things out in order to visit every haunted place in Arlington.

River Legacy Park

There are at least four different parts of River Legacy Park you can visit that has some type of haunted story that goes with it.

  1. Hells Gate: There is a long trail with swamps on both sides and large trees. It is said that this is the trail that was walked by captured spies of the union army who were on their way to be hung. At the end of the trail there is a large mound of dirt where the hangings supposedly took place. If you walk the trail you can hear sobs and whispered prayers of the men and some women.
  2. Near Hell’s Gate there is a narrow path that has reports of hearing moaning and spotting a red haired figure dressed as a general in the Confederate uniform.
  3. Screaming Bridge: Just outside the park, a car driving too fast with a carload of kids was on its way over the Trinity River on a narrow bridge and didn’t see the other car coming head on. Everyone involved in the crash was killed when the cars erupted into flames and fell into the water below. The road has since been closed and today you can only walk across the bridge. The legend is that if you walk this trail you will see tombstones in the water. If you go to the middle of the bridge at midnight, a mysterious fog will develop and you will see headlights approaching from both sides of the river.
  4. The Hobo: There are railroad tracks that run through Mosier Valley, making the park a good place for train hoppers to jump off when the train slowed down here. The story goes that a hobo heard screams in the park and went to check them out. He saw a car parked near the edge of the woods where a man was hitting a woman. He tried to intervene but the man shot the hobo and he died next to where the car was parked. Lovers who park late at night sometimes catch a glimpse of the hobo. If you are parked after the park closes, you will hear a knock on your car window with an old man standing in rags outside.

Six Flags Over Texas

Come to scream on the rides and you may scream for a totally other reason. Near the entrance of the Texas Giant you will find a yellow candy store, which is the oldest building in the park. Legend has it that an 8 year old girl drowned in Johnson’s Creek and can now be seen walking along the railroad tracks or in her room in the yellow building. She will turn the lights on and off, as well as open and close the curtain.

University of Texas at Arlington – Sigma Chi Fraternity House

There was an orphanage on the property that is now the Sigma Chi Fraternity House. The orphanage burnt down and most of the children died. Girls that go over to the fraternity may have to deal with Mary, the ghost from the orphanage who likes to play tricks.




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