Alice Texas

Haunted Places in Alice, TX

It doesn’t have to be around Halloween to want to get a little scare by visiting a place that is known to be haunted. If you find yourself in Alice, TX then you have multiple opportunities to come upon a ghost. One nice adventure to visiting a town rather than a large city is most of the people that live there will also know where the haunted places are. Simply asking around may lead you to a ghost.

Alice Lake

The Reservoir, also known as Alice Lake has reports of seeing ores and feeling cold spots if you visit the pier after the gates are locked. Also, those who have gone fishing on the lake have said they heard a little girl screaming for her mom for help back when she fell into the water.


There have been reports of a ghost who roams the aisles of the store, which was formally Wal-Mart and is now Sutherlands. The ghost plays jokes on the workers. The ghost has been named Matilde or Matilda since they aren’t sure if it is a boy or a girl. The ghost tends to make accidents happen or damages merchandise.

William Adams Middle School

Young love hardly turns out to be a happy ending. However, this one is a bit more morbid then you want to hear. Apparently, there is a ghost of a teenage girl who roams the halls of the school looking for her love. Unfortunately, it is said that her love is the one that killed her.

The Old Rialto Theater

While the movie theater closed about 30 years ago, old employees said they felt like they were being watched on the upper levels and some patrons of the theater claimed to see dark shadows in the upper hallways while experiencing the feeling of dread.

Alice High School

Alice High School seems to have a couple of haunted places: the library and little theater. Apparently there was a man who died when the library was built and now haunts the library and a man who died when the theater was being built haunts the theater. Students have seen books being thrown from the library shelves and there have been sights of the ghost in the theater on the catwalk, as well as the upstairs costume room.

Alice Memorial Middle School

There is a ghost who died in the school that you can hear bouncing a basketball if you go down the wing closest to the school’s cafeteria and into the girl’s bathroom.


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