Fun Halloween Party Games

Halloween Party Games

A Halloween party isn’t complete without some fun games. Fun Halloween party games for kids are easy to come by, but teenagers and adults can have just as much fun with Halloween party games. Most of the time, it doesn’t take a lot to find something that the whole party will enjoy. Sometimes the simplest game is what adults will prefer, especially if drinking is involved.

Halloween Feel Box

You can’t help but want to gross people out on Halloween. Make them think twice by filling boxes or bags with different things. Cooked spaghetti noodles, little smokies, and peeled grapes are just a few ideas. Have guests put their hand in the box to feel what’s inside, and see if they can guess what it is.

Halloween Guess Who Game

As soon as a person enters your party, tape a paper onto their back with a movie character on it. See if they can guess who it is by asking other party-goers for clues.

This is a simple game that is a great way to break the ice if you have people meeting for the first time. You can get as creative as you want, perhaps making the movie characters online Halloween-themed, or choose to go with the theme your Halloween party is following.

Halloween Jinx

This game can get more and more fun as the night goes on, especially when adult beverages are offered at the party. When guests first arrive, tell them what words they aren’t allowed to say. If they do say the word, have a fun or embarrassing penalty they have to do. Obviously, pick words that are most likely to be said at a Halloween party to really get people to think twice about what they’re saying.

Halloween Drinking Games

You can make practically anything into a drinking game. So this will largely depend on what type of games you and your friends already enjoy on their own. You can play a board game or charades, and make people take a drink whenever they get a wrong answer. Or, put on a horror movie and agree to take a drink whenever a person screams or dies in a movie, or when a certain character is shown.

Halloween Costume Contest

You can’t go wrong with a costume contest. Give guests some motivation by offering a great prize. If you plan to have a large crowd, consider having several different categories to make it more fair, such as the best individual costume, best group costume, best spooky costume, and so on. This type of motivation will help get people to come dressed up to truly get into the Halloween spirit.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Another fun activity is a pumpkin decorating contest. Have guests bring their own pumpkin so things don’t get too expensive for the host. They have to carve the pumpkin at the party, but give them a time they must be finished by. Then, let the host pick a winner or snap photos and post them on social media sites allowing anyone to vote. The pumpkin with the most votes by the end of the party wins.


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