Homemade Haunted House Ideas

Ideas to Transform your Home to Haunted House

Want to scare the neighborhood kids or the guests of your Halloween party? Then you will want to transform your home to a haunted house. Luckily, there are a few easy things you can do that will make the place look creepy. Many Halloween stores have decorations that will work perfectly for your haunted house look, but the best thing you can do is carefully plan.

Set a Budget

It is easy to go overboard on Halloween. One very important tip to transform your home to haunted house is to make sure you don’t overspend. Know how much you want to spend on decorations and stick to that plan. Even last minute changes and special effects add up quickly.

Homemade decorations may be cheaper than those you can buy at the store, but make sure you dedicate enough time to making them. Once you buy the supplies and consider how long it will take you to make things, it may be better to just buy things at the store.

Decide Where the Haunted House Will Be

You don’t have to make your whole home into a haunted house. Consider making your basement or backyard as the site of your haunted house. It’s best to pick a safe and open space so you are able to draw up a floor plan.

Make the Area Dark

Nobody is going to get scared in an area that is well lit. Cover the windows with trash bags or dark blankets. Plus, the darkness will turn your decorations into something scary, rather than something cheesy.

Create the Haunted Atmosphere

Spiderwebs made from wet string, dry ice for the cauldron effect, and eerie background music throughout the haunted house will keep people looking over their shoulders and cringing when something touches them.

If you plan on having children, you don’t want it to be too spooky. Blood and gore may not be something parents want their children to see. You can make your haunted house as scary as you want, just make sure adults know how old children should be to enter.

Create a Maze

A haunted maze doesn’t take a lot to accomplish. You can turn your garage into a haunted Halloween maze to attract trick-or-treaters by:

  • Raising the garage door ¼ of the way up and hanging bed sheets down the middle to divide the space in half.
  • Use a cardboard tunnel that is filled with spider webbing, rubber spiders, etc. that trick or treaters have to crawl through to get to the garage.
  • Use hanging bats, spider webs, and motion activated decorations inside the garage. See if real people want to do some scaring and use them instead of motion activated decorations. Real people will be much cheaper than the decorations you can buy at the store, especially if they do their job for candy and seeing the faces of those they frighten.
  • Let kids pick up their Halloween candy if they make it out of the maze at the exit.

Yard Decorations

If you don’t want people inside your house, but still want to make your house look haunted from the outside, put creepy decorations in the windows and concentrate on your front yard decor. Use Styrofoam boards and paint them to create gravestones. Scatter plastic bones around your yard and put up caution tape across the doors. Set up cheesecloth ghosts in your yard and trees.


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