Easy Homemade Ghost Decorations

Easy to Make Halloween Ghost Decorations

Sticking with the classics will never fail you. Easy to make Halloween ghost decorations don’t cost a lot of money or take a lot of time, yet they still give the level of creepiness you want. With a few simple materials, you can get in the spirit of Halloween in no time at all.

Tissue Paper Bell Ghosts

These are really simple ghosts that allow you to get the exact look you want. Make ghosts that are yelling, smiling, or however you want. Simply buy the white tissue paper bells, typically found at craft stores, glue dots, black construction paper, and cheesecloth.

Cut out the eyes and mouth from the construction paper and glue them to the tissue bell using the glue dots. Then, drape the cheesecloth over the whole thing.

Lace Ghosts

Another easy way to make ghosts with a unique look is to use white lace instead of cheesecloth. You’ll need a foam ball, white lace, black sewing pins, a tapestry needle, and white yarn.

Wrap the lace around the foam ball and secure it by tying the white yarn around the neck. The white lace should drape down however long you want. Stick the black sewing pins into the foam ball to make the eyes. Then, use the tapestry needle to stitch and tie yarn on the top of the head so you can hang the ghost.

Ghost String Lights

If you want to light a room, these lighted ghost cups will fit right in to the rest of the Halloween decor. All you need are 24 small googly eyes, 12 mini white paper cups, and a string of holiday white lights.

The rim of the cup is going to be the bottom of the ghost. Glue two googly eyes on the paper cup halfway between the top and bottom. Punch a small hole in the top of the cup. Hang the lights where you want them, and then push one or two lights into the hole of the cup.

Dancing Cheesecloth Ghosts

This has a few more steps than a typical cheesecloth ghost, but isn’t hard to put together. These are great to put outside or can be hung inside as well. A lot of the materials you can find around your house so your shopping list won’t be as long as you think at first glance.

2 white wire hangers
1 pair of white pantyhose
2 yards of cheesecloth
Gauze fabric, such as cotton sheets, muslin, or any lightweight fabric
Polyester stuffing
Wire cutter
Safety pins
16 gauge wire

To make a cheesecloth ghost, straighten the two white wire hangers but leave the hooks intact and bend the hangers to make two large hoops. Twist the hooks together, which will make a base at the neck, then twist the loops into arms.

The legs will be made from the white pantyhose. Cut the legs from the pantyhose and stuff each leg with the polyester stuffing. Slide one leg on each of the wire arms. Tie the legs together around the wire neck.

The waist of the pantyhose will become the head. Stuff it with polyester stuffing and place it on the wire’s neck. Tie any excess material around the wires to keep it secure. Use the pliers to bend the tips of the wire and attach the 16 gauge wire to create the hook.

Cut the 2 yard piece of cheesecloth in the middle. Poke wire hooks through the center of both pieces of fabric to drape them over the head and arms.

You can hang these ghosts from your trees or secure them on a stake to stick in the ground where the cheesecloth keeps the stake from view.






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